#WeDemBoyz is nominated for “best hip hop video” at the mtv​ #VMAs
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  is nominated for “best hip hop video” at the mtv #VMAs

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Wiz Khalifa Talking About Jail Selfie

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Oh no i mean the last gif you've posted of bash and wiz "dancing" lol is there a video?

Oh, can’t post a link cause I’m on mobile but the videos is called DayToday : Taylor Gang Ninjas

Can u post the video of bashs bday?

there is no video of his birthday only pics and this video x where they are singing to him the Hokey Pokey on his bday

+Wiz Khalifa;  +Bash;  +DayToday : Taylor Gang Ninjas;  +Gif;  +Photoset;  

+Wiz Khalifa;  +Interview;  +16Bars.TV;  +Gif;  

+Wiz Khalifa;  +Interview;  +Gif;  +16Bars.TV;  

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